DELAWARE is a seat of great antiquity, situated in the southernmost part of this parish. It was the residence of gentlemen of this name as early as the reign of king Henry II of whom Robert Delaware was the last, who, about the latter end of king Edward III.'s reign, died without male issue, so that Dionysia, his daughter, became his heir, who carried this seat and estate in marriage to William Paulin, of Paulin's, in this parish; in whose descendants it continued till the reign of king Henry VI. when William Paulin, having an only daughter and heir, Elenora, married to John Seyliard of Seyliard, in Hever, she entitled him to the possession of both these seats. His descendant, of the same name, resided at Delaware, and was created a baronet in 1661, and among the Harleian manuscripts in the British museum, is the pedigree of Seyliard, of De la Ware, set forth, anno 1578, and continued to 1630. From him this seat descended to Sir Thomas Seyliard, bart. who about the year 1700, alienated it to Henry Streatfield, of Chidingstone, esq. whose great grandson, Henry Streatfield, esq. of Highstreet-house, in Chidingstone, is at this time intitled to this estate.

In the Streatfeild papers in the Kent History & Library Centre, ref U908/T48/3 there is this description of the property when rented in 1717..

'Capital messuage or mansion house called Delaware in Brasted and lands'

Called Upper, Middle and Lower Bode Mead, Kings Mead Bank, Kings Mead Bottom, Long Mead, Perry hope Meadow, Clews Mead, Trunk Mead and two crofts called Beech Green and High Croft containing in all 54a. 2r. 13p. also Little, Upper and Lower Moorcocks, Upper Neck, Lower Neck, Long Battle, Round Battle, Upper Barn Battle, Lower Barn Battle, Clapper Field, Rowland Field, Brookfield, Newlands, The Lane to the House, the Grove, Westfield, Cony Burrow Field, Hither High Field, Further High Field, Warewood, Lower Warewood containing in all 171a. 2r. 9p. in Brasted and also 1a. 15r. of mead in Bode Mead, Millfield, Broomy Field alias Ryefield containing 17a. 2r. 26p., four parcels of land called Perryfields and Bodeland alias Cauke Wood containing 21a. 2r. 7p., three pieces of land called Churchyard Crofts containing 3a. 1r. 25p. in Edenbridge; Henry Streatfeild to Robert Streatfeild of Delaware, gent. for 21 years at £200 p.a. and four capons; penalty clause against cultivating meadow or Churchyard Crofts, for cultivating fore than 60a. of arable or more than 50a. in the last four years, for planting more than 5a. with hops, for cutting turf for burning except from Rowland Field and Lower Barn Battle during the first five years; tenant to plant 2a. with apple trees at 28 feet distance from each other in the first seven years; amo