The aims & objectives of this site are:

  • to collate as many genealogical and historical facts about the various branches of the Streatfield Family as possible.
  • to provide a valuable and widely available research database for current and future family historians.
  • to promote discussion of genealogy and social history.

To ensure that the basis for the information included herein is open and replicable there are citation references to publicly available data included for each person and/or notes that point out unresolved issues or unverified information.

This site collects and collates information on the known descendants of Robert Streatfeild, who was born in 1514 at Chiddingstone, Kent and died there on the 15th March 1559.  Much of the early information is from the 'Pedigrees of the Families of Kent'  by William Perry, 1830, supplemented and augmented by data from other sources as it comes to light.  We know there are other Streatfield families in the area and surrounding counties with no identified links to this family at this time; please read the How to contribute page if you can assist in adding to and correcting this work.

The spelling of the name has varied thoughout time and through various branches and includes Streatfeild, Streatfield, Streetfield, Stretfield, Strutfield, Stratfield and more.

This site has an index file that is designed to be read by search engines such as Google and thus enhance its visibility for persons researching specific people.

NOTE that the descendants of female Streatfeilds are not included. Where known their marriage details including spouses names and children are provided on their page. Their married name appears in the Index too. Those female lines descended from John Streatfeild, born in 1740 at Charcott Farm, Leigh (Lyghe) can be found on