The current areas of activity on the site.

As more information comes to light or as time permits the database is updated and added to.  Each page has a date when last edited; before the Citation list.  The date of the last update of the whole site is at the bottom of each page.

At the end of 2017 considerable additional information from Lionel Cole, based on his extensive research of documents such as land records and wills for the parishes of Chiddingstone and Hever, is being added and entries amended, for which many thanks.  This is in progress but will take to mid 2018 to finish I expect.

It is now clear that there are several branches of Streatfeild in the area around 1550 and their interrelation is not clear at this time.  Streatfeilds are mentioned with land in Hever, Westerham, Brasted and Leigh from 1550 to the 1700's. Both the will trancscriptions and the book on the Woodgates has provided clues for this development.

Ongoing:- any indirect source references are being checked agains the originals as far as possible.  A particular effort is being made to see the original documents where scanned versions exist on-line so that spellings as recorded orginally can be seen.

A list of 'Notable People' has been compiled; any references to on-line material of a biographical nature about anyone on this site would be welcome.

Anyone who is descended from John Streatfeild, born at Charcott, Leigh, Kent in 1740 will find all descendants, not just male lines, on A Jefferies Family History.

Comments and corrections are most welcome, reference to originals and/or scans of originals attached to emails are most welcome.