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The prime site for an on-line resource to the history and geography of the origins of this family and with a lot of family pedigrees, including the Streatfeilds and Woodgates, is "The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex". For example the whole of the text of the "Pedigrees of the Families in the County of Kent" by William Berry and used as the base for this family history is HERE  on that site. 

This is an excellent place to search for specific people, descriptions of places, links to books and other records and so on. For example the Parish of Chiddingstone has its page with pictures etc, HERE.

There are lots of background material on that site, including valuable material from Lionel Cole on the parishes of Hever and Chiddingstone.

Links to pages on "The Weald" site are being added to the 'Citations' on individual pages as appropriate.

The Kent History and Library Centre in Maidstone, hold the Streatfeild Manuscripts, deposited by Mrs J Streatfeild of Chiddingstone in February 1962.  This archive contains much material on the family land holdings and maps, deeds, etc.  The link to the main page of the Library is Streatfeild Manuscripts and will open in a new window.  It is well worth reading the description of the material on the National Archives web site HERE too, some of which is quoted on the History page of this site.

 The early history of the Parish of Chiddingstone is on the 'British History Online' site and details some of the early Streatfeilds and their land acquisitions.

The Wealden Iron Industry, which the Streatfeilds were involved in are summarised on Wikipedia and there is a research group HERE.

Sites listing individuals

The Streatfield family  by Juliet Stevens:-  all persons on that site are in this site too. It has not been updated or worked on for some time and the formatting is defective in some browsers.

Streatfield Family by Michelle Morris:-   Michelle has a family not known to be part of this group and which is based on Teynham, Kent. Last modified in 2011.

Brad Gorham's STREATFIELD pages which cover many with Australian descendants.  All Streatfields who meet the criteria are on this site too. Last updated in 2012.

My own family web site 'A Jefferies Family History'  which contains Robert Streatfeild as he is my g-g many times grandfather.  This site covers all the known descendants, male and female, of John Streatfeild, born at Charcott, Leigh, Kent in 1740. This is updated regularly.

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