The site is fully searchable from the SEARCH page.  Given the number of similar names in the family this is often the best option.  However you will have to search separately for different spellings unless you untick the "Regular Expressions" box at the bottom of the options column.  If you do, you can do 'wildcard' searches; for example 'Streatf**ld' will find both 'Streatfeild' and 'Streatfield'.

For more information on searching click on the ? icon where you can see more examples. (credit to John Cardinal who wrote the Second Site software).

The site is designed to ensure that the individual person pages retain the same URL even as more persons are added or the person page is edited in the light of further information.  This means it is possible to bookmark a person's page for further reference. 

The icon under the individual person's name entitled 'Family Explorer' gives quick access to that person's parents, grandparents and siblings.

The Surname Index is arranged alphabetically.  Clicking on the letter will give a list of surnames in that letter. The surname, when clicked on, will give a list of persons. Click on the person who interests you. Names on Person Pages are hyperlinked to take you to the person whose name you clicked and at the bottom of each page is a 'previous page' and 'next page' link when appropriate.

When you visit a page, including the Main Page, your browser will cache that page. When you visit a page (including the Main Page, any Index, the Images Page, and a Person Page) for a second or subsequent time on another day, refresh your browser to ensure you see any changes that may have been made since your last visit.

Note that the 'Recent Changes' page on the left lists changes made on the dates indicated; however this is restricted to the last 40 changes.

No more than one picture appears on any Person Page. If there are one or more additional images for that person, you will see below the displayed picture a small camera icon for each additional image.

The index of place names shows those persons recorded from that place and, in some cases provide a link to a map of that place. See that page for more information.

Please tell us if you encounter a broken link on this site or any other error and/or omission!

A variety of sources of information were researched for this site, and some of it was provided by others. As far as possible those sources are listed on the person pages in a helpful form under Citations. In addition some persons will have notes or research notes added where there are particular points of interest or research.

No doubt some of the information is wrong or at least disputed. ALWAYS VERIFY THE INFORMATION TO SATISFY YOURSELF if you want to use it.

We will continue to add source citations. If you've got data not listed here, or pictures, obituaries, clippings, or other information, please consider sharing them with us for this site. DATA in compatible form or GEDCOMS can be incorporated, see the Contributions page.

Also please let us know if you have information that conflicts with what is published here.  All contributions will be acknowledged.