Mary Ann White1

F, #705, b. 1832, d. JAN 1903
ChartsRichard Streatfeilds descendants
Birth*1832 Mary Ann White was born in 1832 at St Pancras, London, England; father Isaac White.2 
Baptism27 MAY 1832 She was baptized on 27 MAY 1832 at St Pancras, Camden, London, England.2 
Marriage*27 OCT 1861 She married Josiah Streatfield, son of Joseph Streatfield and Ann Tomkin, on 27 OCT 1861 at St Mary's Church, Newington, Surrey, England.1,3 
Death*JAN 1903 Mary Ann White died in JAN 1903 at Lambeth, Surrey, England.4 
Married NameOCT 1861 Her married name was Streatfield.1 
Residence*30 MAR 1881 She and Josiah Streatfield lived at Ridgeway Road, Brixton, Surrey, England, together with William Isaac Streatfield, Lydia Streatfield, Charlotte Streatfield, Joseph Streatfield and James Streatfield.5 
Residence30 MAR 1901 Mary Ann White and Josiah Streatfield lived at 20 Carew Street, Lambeth, London, England, together with James Streatfield and Isatt Streatfield.6 


Josiah Streatfield b. 31 Dec 1834, d. Jan 1909
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