Hannah Fry1

F, #483, b. 1813, d. 10 MAR 1895
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Birth*1813 Hannah Fry was born in 1813 at East Ham, Essex, England; dau. of Joseph Fry, Plashet House, Essex.1 
Marriage*31 OCT 1832 She married William Champion Streatfeild, son of Rev. Thomas Streatfeild MA FSA and Harriet Champion, on 31 OCT 1832 at East Ham, Essex, England.1 
Death*10 MAR 1895 Hannah Fry died on 10 MAR 1895 at Charts Edge, Westerham, Kent, England.2,3 
Married Name31 OCT 1832 Her married name was Streatfeild.1 
Residence*30 MAR 1871 She lived at 10 Porchester Place, Paddington, Middlesex, England, together with Florence Louise Streatfeild, Thomas Edward Champion Streatfeild and Louise Beatrice Streatfeild.4 
Residence30 MAR 1881 Hannah Fry lived at Charts Edge, Westerham, Kent, England, together with Florence Helen Streatfeild and Louise Beatrice Streatfeild.5 


William Champion Streatfeild b. 28 Jun 1810, d. 7 Apr 1852
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