Minnie Rosa Streatfield1

F, #81, b. 10 FEB 1888, d. 23 FEB 1969
Minnie Streatfield
about 1912
FatherWalter Percy Streatfield1 b. 12 Mar 1864, d. 20 Feb 1949
MotherElizabeth Mary Price b. 5 Aug 1866, d. 8 Jan 1950
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Birth*10 FEB 1888 Minnie Rosa Streatfield was born on 10 FEB 1888 at Stansted, Kent, England.2 
Baptism6 MAY 1888 She was baptized on 6 MAY 1888 at Stansted, Kent, England.3 
Marriage*JUN 1914 She married Charles Walter Smith in JUN 1914 at Malling, Kent, England.3 
Marriage*29 DEC 1956 She married George Wright on 29 DEC 1956.3 
Death*23 FEB 1969 She died on 23 FEB 1969 at The Grove, West Kingsdown, Kent, England, aged 81; murdered by husband.3 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1891 She lived with Walter Percy Streatfield at Parson's Farm, Stansted, Kent, England, together with William Streatfield, Richard Streatfield and Ernest Streatfield.4 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1901 Minnie Rosa Streatfield lived with Walter Percy Streatfield at Peckham Wood, Ash next Ridley, Kent, England, together with Ernest Streatfield, William Streatfield, Richard Streatfield, Reginald Alfred John Streatfield, Benjamin Ralph Streatfield, Lucy May Streatfield, Victor Streatfield and Elsie Lizzie Streatfield.5 
Married NameJUN 1914 Her married name was Smith.3 
Married Name29 DEC 1956 Her married name was Wright.3 
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