Alice Streatfield1

F, #91, b. 1858, d. MAR 1925
FatherJohn Streatfield1 b. 1825, d. Sep 1906
MotherAnn Cox b. 1831, d. Jun 1913
ChartsRichard Streatfeilds descendants
John Streatfeild's descendants
Birth*1858 Alice Streatfield was born in 1858 at Stansted, Kent, England.1 
Baptism2 MAY 1858 She was baptized on 2 MAY 1858 at Stansted, Kent, England.2 
Marriage*2 APR 1877 She married Charles Jackson on 2 APR 1877 at Northfleet, Kent, England.3 
Death*MAR 1925 She died in MAR 1925 at Kent, England.4 
(Witness) Residence30 MAR 1871 She lived with John Streatfield and Ann Cox at Parson's Farm Cottage, Stansted, Kent, England, together with Sydney Streatfield, Herbert Streatfield, Arthur Streatfield and Walter Percy Streatfield.5 
Married Name2 APR 1877 Her married name was Jackson.3 
Note* Alice Streatfield Alice & Charles Jackson had 10 children, who can be traced from HERE. Use the back arrow to return to this page.6 
Residence*30 MAR 1901 She lived at 79 Shepherd Street, Northfleet, Kent, England, together with Charles Jackson.7 
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