Robert Streatfeild1

M, #70, b. 1514, d. 15 MAR 1559
ChartsRobert Streatfeild's descendants
Birth*1514 Robert Streatfeild was born in 1514 at Chiddingstone, Kent, England.2 
Marriage*1534 He married (?) Rivers in 1534 at Penshurst, Kent, England.3,2 
Death*15 MAR 1559 Robert Streatfeild died on 15 MAR 1559 at Chiddingstone, Kent, England.3,4 
Burial*16 MAR 1559 He was buried on 16 MAR 1559 at Chiddingstone, Kent, England.3,4 
Note*1530 He “The first Streatfeild to settle in Chiddingstone was Robert Streatfeild who was born in 1514 and married a sister of Sir John Rivers, Lord Mayor of London. The first Streatfeild was probably the builder of High Street House, a small house initially.” in 1530 at Chiddingstone, Kent, England.2 
Occupation* The occupation of Robert Streatfeild was 'Iron Master.5
Residence* He and (?) Rivers lived at High Street House, Chiddingstone, Kent, England.5 
Research_Note*FEB 2012 Research Note: The 'Visitations' record mentions the name 'de Stratavilla' in association with the Streatfields but there are no records of this name in Britain. This is a general historical surname reference encompasing d'Estoutteville, de Stuteville, de Stoteville etc, & is currently being researched further.6 


(?) Rivers b. 1520, d. 1565
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